What A Hoot! Coxsackie, NY. A cartoonish owl perched on a branch.



1. "Flora" by Rebecca Whitbourn
2. "Monarch Morning" by Rebecca Whitbourn
3. "Whooo Wants Ice Cream" by Lesley Carr
4. "We Are All Connected" by MaryJo Buzzanco
5. "Come Fly With Me" by Theresa Rowe Obert
6. "Owl’s Flight Over the Lotus Pond" by Anne D’Arcangelis
7. "Owl Moon" by Carol Mambert Serazio
8. "Berrywise" by Sharon Lalor Askew
9. "Princess Kitty Owl" by Rita Luccio
10. "Integrity" by Jesse Bidwell
11. "Scandy" by Boots
12. "Flaco, Citizen of New York" by Peter McCaffrey
13. Catskill's Cat
14. "Archimedes" by Erika M Klein
15. "Regeneration" by Michelle McIlroy
16. "Fire Owl" by Cherie Bland
17. "Spirit of Creation" by Julie Fisk
18. "SuperOwl" by Theresa Rowe Obert
19. "Owl American" by Lesley Carr
20. "Kwarer𝑜́:ha" by Donna Wasilewski
21. Cairo Bear
22. "Hoot of a View" by Ray Sperzel
23. "Wild Beauty" by Rebecca Whitbourn
24. "Dottie" by Ashley Hathaway
25. "Bejeweled Barred Owl" by Anne and Lisa D’Arcangelis
26. "Acelia" by Tammy Liu-Haller
27. "Marina" by Tammy Liu-Haller
28. "Disco Dazzler" by Sharon Lalor Askew
29. "Downton OWLby"by Anne D’Arcangelis
30. "Shannawe" by Laura Best-Macia
31. "Eclipse" by Cameron Daoust
32. "Stars and Stripes" by MaryJo Buzzanco
33. "Snowy Country Christmas" by Deanna J. VanWagenen
34. "Owl Be Back" by Bob Phibbs
35. "Knight Owl" by Stephen S. Martin
36. "Melonball" by Cameron Daoust
37. "Zen Owl" by Annette Merkel
38. "Cassiopeia" by Ellen De Lucia
39. "Sunflower Owl" by Gina DeNave
40. "Delilah Delph" by Eleanor Rowe Gentilini
41. "Neon Night Flight" by Boots